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== Community Tech Launches Wikisource Improvement Initiative ==
''This message is in English, but we encourage translation into other languages. Thank you!''
Hello everyone,
We hope you are all healthy and safe in these difficult times.
The [[Community Tech|Community Tech team]] has just launched a new initiative to improve Wikisource. We will be addressing five separate wishes, which came out of the [[Community Wishlist Survey 2020|2020 Community Wishlist Survey]], and we want you to be a part of the process! The projects include the following:
*[[Community Wishlist Survey 2020/Wikisource/Improve export of electronic books|Improve ebook export]]
*[[Community Wishlist Survey 2020/Wikisource/New OCR tool|Improve OCR tools]]
*[[Community Wishlist Survey 2020/Wikisource/Migrate Wikisource specific edit tools from gadgets to Wikisource extension|Migrate Wikisource specific edit tools from gadgets to Wikisource extension]]
*[[Community Wishlist Survey 2020/Wikisource/Inter-language link support via Wikidata|Inter-language link support via Wikidata]]
*[[Community Wishlist Survey 2020/Wiktionary/Insert attestation using Wikisource as a corpus|Insert attestation on Wiktionary using Wikisource as a corpus]]
For the first project, the team will focus on the #1 wish: improve ebook exports. We have created a [[Community Tech/Ebook Export Improvement|project page]], which includes an analysis of the ebook export process. We now invite everyone to visit the page and share their feedback on the [[Talk:Community Tech/Ebook Export Improvement|project talk page]]. Please let us know what you think of our analysis; we want to hear from all of you! Furthermore, we hope that you will participate in the other Wikisource improvement projects, which we’ll address in the future. Thank you in advance and we look forward to reading your feedback on the ebook export improvement [[Talk:Community Tech/Ebook Export Improvement| talk page]]!
-- [[User:IFried (WMF)|IFried (WMF)]] (Product Manager, Community Tech)
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