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((en)): List of images currently used here at the Portuguese Wikisource but not displayed in tools like the CheckUsage and CommonsTicker. Please be careful if you are going to change/delete some of these!

Image Notes
Wikisource-logo-sfondo.png Used at MediaWiki:Recentchangestext (<div id="box" id="BG_wiki" , defined at MediaWiki:Common.css)
Button poeme.png, Button poeme transparent.png, Button category03.png, Button references alt.png, Button ref.png, Button references.png, Button titre.png, Button titre transparent.png, Button chapitre.png, Button chapitre transparent.png, Button plume.png, Button plume transparent.png Used on all action=edit urls (defined at MediaWiki:Common.js/MediaWiki:Vector.js)
Template button.png, Button small.png, Btn toolbar rayer.png, Tt icon.png, Button desambig.png, Button redirect.png, Bv icon.png, Bouton Vandale3.png, Button aviso.png, Button commons.png, Sister icon.png, Button plume.png, Button link to Wikipedia.png, Button category.png, Button plantilla.png, Button redirect.png, Button strike.png, Button enter.png, Button sup letter.png, Button sub letter.png, Button small.png, Button hide comment.png, Button gallery.png, Button blockquote.png, Bvip icon.png, Button aviso.png, Bouton Vandale0.png, Button ER.png, Button nav.png Used on users custom javascript


Image Notes
oldwikisource:Image:Wiki.png The site logo, value changeable only by the devs!