Constituição da Coreia do Norte (1972)/Capítulo IV

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Constituição da Coreia do Norte (1972)
Capítulo IV

Capítulo IV: Defesa Nacional

Artículo LVIII[editar]

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea rests on the people’s nationwide defence system.

Artículo LIX[editar]

The mission of the armed forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is to safeguard the interests of the working people, to defend the socialist system and the gains of the revolution from aggression and to protect the freedom, independence and peace of the country.

Artículo LX[editar]

The State shall implement the line of self-reliant defence, the import of which is to train the army into a cadre army and modernize the army, arm the entire people and fortify the country on the basis of equipping the army and the people politically and ideologically.

Artículo LXI[editar]

The State shall strengthen military and mass discipline in the army and promote the display of the noble traditional trait of unity between officers and men and unity between the army and the people.