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This template inserts a black horizontal rule. It should be used in transcriptions in preference to wiki syntax "----", which inserts a rule but in a lighter colour. Furthermore there can be no certainty that the rendering of "----" will not change in the future. Please check for any [X]HTML 5 issues as well.

For example



The common case of a double-rule can be achieved by


which produces

Mais usos

{{linha horizontal|align=|height=(unidade de medida a critério do usuário)|style=|width=(unidade de medida a critério do usuário)}}. A predefinição {{linha horizontal}} compreende [a forma básica]:


{{linha horizontal|align=left}} fixa o alinhamento da linha:

For example




{{linha horizontal|height=3px}} fixa a altura da linha:


{{linha horizontal|style=background-color:red}} fixa o estilo da linha, sendo permitido qualquer estilo HTML:

For example

{{rule|width=12em|height=1em|style=background-color:orange;border:1px solid black}}



A width may optionally be provided, in em or by % in which case a black horizontal rule of that width is centered on the line.

For example




both produce


{{linha horizontal|50%}} fixa a largura da linha:

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