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ROVERI, Pietro Fornitano. The organizations in cyberspace: the case of structuring and maintenance of a virtual comunity non-monetry. 2008. 126. Dissertation (Master's degree in Administration of Organizations) — FEA-RP — University of Economy, Administration and Accounting of University of São Paulo — Campus Ribeirão Preto/SP


The aim of this work is to analize the structure and maintance of a non-financial virtual comunity — portuguese language Wikipedia —, in relation to the structure's organization already existed. Based on the theoretical direction on one of those most influenced strenghts over the society, the work follows a qualitative way, using the method of case study research, being helped by the observation, interviews and questionaries as collection tool that were applaied on the members and supporters of the organization founded on qualitative sample. The results obtained indicate some evidence of pre-concepted theories and their new dimension on the ciberspace context. It's supposed that the public opinion can influence on the tradicional politic system. It's possible to observe an exchanging relation between the work of the comunity member by the personal needs. Than it's suggested there is a specific market in this organization although there isn't a financial relation. Another caractheristic refers of the fact to the organization's members deal with project's transation costs.To conclude, it's observed that the work which supports the organization can be a base to analyse all the organizations models in a unique theoretical bundle.