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About Bem cavalgar, by King Dom Duarte[editar]

I apologyze for English. I'm an Italian and I'm presently working into en.wikisource and it.wikisource about old horsemanship books. I'd very interested to know if there's somewhere online a scan of original Bem Cavalgar of King Dom Duarte (beginning of XV century), one of your national glories I suppose, that's very interesting since it is one of the oldest (and pretty good) works about horsemanship after Xenophon, much before the beginning of Italian Neaples horsemanship school (XVI century). I know it only by an English modern translation : Royal Book of Horsemanship, Jousting and Knightly Combat, The: King Dom Duarte of Portugal's 1438 Bem Cavalgar by Antonio Franco Preto (Hardcover - 1 Jan 2006); but I know that there is a portoguese edition ( Livro da ensinan¸a de bem cavalgar toda sela ... Edi¸ão crítica acompanhada de notas e dum glossário por Joseph M. Piel by Joseph Maria Piel (Unknown Binding - 1944); Livro da ensinança de bem cavalgar toda sela que fez El-Rey Dom Eduarte de Portugal e do Algarve e Senhor de Ceuta (Biblioteca de autores portugueses) by Duarte (Unknown Binding - 1986) from Amazon.

My it discussion account is: it:Discussioni utente:Alex brollo.

Thanks!--Alex brollo 13h18min de 22 de Agosto de 2008 (UTC)

Hi, sorry for the delay on reply.
It seens to be this book avaiable at Google Book Search :) (sella is the old spelling for sela) Lugusto 03h11min de 25 de Agosto de 2008 (UTC)
Yes it is obviously! Thanks! I added the link into it.wikipedia and it.wikiquote were King Dom Duarte and his book are mentioned. It's a pity that I can't read your language.... nevertheless (if you like) I could do some preliminary work here, t.i. loading a djvu version of the book into Commons, and trying to build up an Index: page... have you any horseman, fond of ancient horsemanship here in this wikisource? --Alex brollo 03h51min de 25 de Agosto de 2008 (UTC)
DjVu O arquivo de "Bem cavalgar", publicada em livros do Google está no meu computador pessoal, eu só aguardar o seu OK para carregá-lo em Commons. (tradução automática de Inglês pelo Google tradutor) --Alex brollo 06h57min de 25 de Agosto de 2008 (UTC)
I don't known horsemans on portuguese-language Wikimedia projects :(
Fell free to upload and to start it. Maybe someone found it with search engines and starts contributing to Wikisource... :) Lugusto 01h28min de 26 de Agosto de 2008 (UTC)
Ok, I'll upload it into Commons and I'll open an "Index:" page here. --Alex brollo 06h46min de 26 de Agosto de 2008 (UTC)

Update about Bem cavalgar[editar]

Bem cavalgar.djvu

I uploaded into Commons Image:Bem cavalgar.djvu. Take into consideration that is is really the 1843 transciption of the two books by Dom Duarte:

  • Leal conselheiro
  • Livro da ensinança de bem cavalgar toda sella (known as "Bem cavalgar").

The OCR interpretation by Google, I presume, is of very low quality but could be a starting point. IMO, these are difficult books, both for the ancient language (I don't know how much it's different fro modern portoguese) and for the topic (horsemanship is always a difficult topic to interpret: ancient horsemanship can be very difficult).

I've to edit djvu image, deleting the first page that's a message from Google. I'll do it as soon as possible, then a Galeria: page can be created here. Then.. I perhaps could do something more... not so much. I hope that you'll find this book so interesting, to deserve a big effort about it.

I hope that building up a new Galeria: page will be not so difficult... but I surely will need much help to fix the language of any text content of my contributions. I'll ask here again when the work is running.--Alex brollo 07h56min de 26 de Agosto de 2008 (UTC)


I'm really happy to let you know that Cecilia is working about Galeria:Bem cavalgar.djvu! My help will be very limited, since I can't speak portuguese... and the portuguese of Bem cavalgar is ancient and difficult. Please help Cecilia if you can... the book is really interesting, as Cecicia said, it's like a poem... Cecilia is new about wiki, and her first worl is a really difficlut one! --Alex brollo 12h43min de 4 de Novembro de 2008 (UTC)