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Bem cavalgar[editar]

Hi all, more than an year ago I built here Galeria:Bem cavalgar.djvu. I hoped that a friend could go ahead with it, but I see that such a work is heavy and has been leaved.

So I think, I'll go on by myself, with the help of an excellent OCR software and.... I hope... with your help. What I need is a personal link with any of you, interested and deep into ancient portuguese, willing and patient enough do edit carefully two oe three pages, so that I can "learn by example" about your policy on ancient texts and your rules of rendering special caracters, absent into modern language.

It would be great if this "old texts expert" would be interested into horsemanship too.... Bem cavalgar could be deeply rewarding for him.... but it is not a necessary prerequisite.

I took a look to the work of my friend, she didn't work with my style... my effort will be to produce a word-by-word, caracter-by-caracter transcription, so I'll edit deeply her previous work.

If any of you is interested, please send me a message into my talk page, or - better - by wiki email. --Alex brollo 00h16min de 29 de Janeiro de 2010 (UTC)

OK, while waiting I started the work, from the last pages. I'm expanding abbreviations substituting Middle Age "tituli" with the letters that (I presume) they mean, encluding them into square brakets as suggested from a good paleographic website. Any suggestion will be deeply appreciated. --Alex brollo 19h43min de 29 de Janeiro de 2010 (UTC)

Alex, i did the revision of page 45, check it out. Tetraktys 03h56min de 2 de Fevereiro de 2010 (UTC)

THANKS! The only trouble is that I read your message here after I did some more edits to your edit.... I'm working to stydy the history of the page. Nevertheless, at a first look, I see that I did a decent work....
I saw that you edited a draft OCR with some js editing; can I ask you to edit a page I manually edited too? It would be much more useful to trace my personal, common mistakes. --Alex brollo 21h13min de 2 de Fevereiro de 2010 (UTC)
Far from ending my work, I'm happy to let you know that the first step of my transcription of Bem Cavalgar is almost done. If anyone of you is interested, take a look to Talk pages of the proofread version; I posted there the list of different words used into the page. I will use those lists for "mass edit" of the pages; mainly to build a complete dictionary of the words into the book, and to fix lot of mistakes into my "tilde expansions". I'm going to revert such expansions to original use of diacritics, since this lowers the probability of mistakes. In brief, a great adventure into a new, fashinating world. :-) --Alex brollo 17h22min de 15 de Março de 2010 (UTC)
I got a different edition of Bem Cavalgar! I posted it as a new index Galeria:Bem cavalgar (1842).djvu. It comes directly from scans of the original book, thanks to Dr. António Franco Preto, who helped me from Lisboa. I hope that you'll appreciate two different editions of the same work; there are advantages, since the new version uses different conventions (i.e. most of original Duarte abbreviations are expanded; there's a glossary too), and the comparison of the two text, IMO, could be interesing for any of you deep into ancient portuguese. Ironically, as I told you, I can't speak portuguese at all. :-) --Alex brollo 20h27min de 7 de Junho de 2010 (UTC)